Should diet be free of carbohydrates

Many nutritionists and authors of slimming diets argue that a diet, in order to be effective, must be free of carbohydrates. Are sugars really unnecessary for our body? Can we manage without them and still function properly?

Good and bad carbohydrates

 There are many theories about this issue. It all depends on what type of carbohydrates we consume. They can be divided into two groups - simple and complex carbs. One are necessary for us and the other should be avoided or at least reduced. Diet cannot be effective without complex carbohydrates. In which products can they be found? Sources of complex carbs are: cereal, brown rice, brown bread, legumes - these products can be eaten in moderation. Food rich in complex carbohydrates often contain also fiber, which is beneficial for the functioning of the digestive system. However, we should beware of anything that contains simple sugars. Especially white sugar, sweets, sweeten drinks, honey. Fruits also include simple sugar, but in small quantities, which should not affect our weight.

Why do we need carbohydrates?

Sugars play a key role during physical activities. They are converted into energy necessary for proper functioning. Produced energy is also used to burn fatty tissue. Complex sugars need more time to be digested, they retain the feeling of fullness longer so we do not feel hunger so quickly. Therefore, they must be delivered, but in reasonable quantities. Supplied in excess will surely cause weight gaining. Mainly because it quickly turns into fat located in a strategic parts of the body - the hips, abdomen and thighs.

That is why slimming without carbohydrates does not make sense. Efficient burning of calories is possible only with the participation of carbohydrates. Balanced diet gives the best results and causes the fewest side effects.