Omega-3 acids do not help to lose weight

Omega-3 acids are still on top. That's because they are healthy. They have a positive influence on our brain, cardiovascular system and have antitumor effect . The number of their advantages, however, caused that we started to overestimate them and attribute to them almost a magical power.

We have assumed that omega-3 fatty acids are good for everything. You cannot deny that they actually have positive influence on our organism. Therefore, you should eat them often, especially because the body needs them but cannot produce them. However, it should be remembered that moderation, when it comes to omega-3 acids, is the most advisable. It is good to know that the miraculous weight loss properties attributed to unsaturated fatty acids, are not reflected in reality. And there is a proof for that.

Scientists from Dallas have it. They refute the myth, which is widely believed - that thanks to omega-3 acids we can quickly and effectively lose weight. You cannot. The results of those consuming normal meals and those who supplemented their diet with beneficial fatty acids, draw on the same level. How do we know? In order to determine the details, researchers conducted the study. They examined a group of 128 people who had problem with obesity. All study participants were divided into two groups and the therapy for them was established.

The first group have taken 3 g of omega-3 acids daily. The other one took placebo. All participants received the same set of exercises to perform. Therapy lasted 6 months. After that time, it turned out that the results in both groups were comparable. Participants of the study lost on average of over 5 pounds within six months. The idea that saturated fatty acids affect the rate of burning calories, and therefore weight loss, have been refuted. It is worth noting, however, that those participants who were regularly reaching for products rich in the omega-3 acids, had better blood pressure results.