How to speed up metabolism

How many times have you made an attempt to tackle your weight? How many of them a succeeded? If another diet did not turn out to be effective, do not break down. Perhaps there is a different source of your weight problems. Slow metabolism may be the issue.

Metabolism for weight loss

Metabolism is the ability to transform substances, supplied to your body, to energy important to maintain all life functions. Metabolism occurs as a result of digestion of food and physical activity. Although our body is burning calories all the time, even during passive rest, the rate of the processes may be different. Weight, height, hormonal balance, age and sex have an influence on the speed of it. Genetics also plays a significant role. All those features determine the speed of our metabolism. So if you want to learn how to lose weight, you probably belong to those people whose digestion is not as fast as lightening.

How to speed up your metabolism?

Using wide variety of diets is a nightmare for a proper metabolism. Each of them disturb the body, often providing too few calories - diets that provide the body with 1000 calories or less, have a bad influence on the metabolism. The deterioration of the metabolic stability has unpleasant consequences in the long run. Slow metabolism is conducive to weight gain. So what can you do to help your metabolism? The key to success is to change eating habits. First of all, one must avoid eating chaos. The main thing is to eat at fixed hours. Determination of specific meal hours will teach the body regularity. Therefore it is better to eat more and more often than to limit the food to two large meals. By providing food, e.g. every 2-3 hours, but in modest amounts, the body is constantly stimulated to perform the desired operation.

What to eat to improve digestion?

Frequent eating stimulates the body to burn calories faster. However the method of eating is not the only thing that matters, what is on our plates is also important. If you compose your menu carefully and you reach for the products affecting the acceleration of metabolism, you'll be closer to success. It is also important to focus your attention on unprocessed foods. Products which accelerate the metabolism are:

  • hot spices – added regularly to food stimulate the organism and increase your metabolic rate. Pepper, hot pepper, chili, and herbs are ideal for that;
  • Caffeine – that is why in many diets, green tea and coffee are allowed, however, they should be drunk with no sugar and cream;
  • Protein – menu completed by a high-protein products, such as lean beef or poultry, dairy and eggs, is extremely beneficial for metabolism, it is because the body uses more energy to process protein.

You must remember, however, that your effort will go in vain if you don’t exercise. Intensive and regular exercise activates the body to burn calories even long after the workout. Lifestyle change is also necessary, for example quitting smoking, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress. Some drugs and supplements have an adverse effect on metabolism – so before you reach for them make sure that it is safe for you.