Hormones cause yo-yo effect

Overweight people are trying to get rid of excess pounds in a thousand ways. Often, if they manage to lose weight, the effects are not long lasting, and subsequent attempts do not bring the desired results. It is disheartening and does not encourage to healthy eating.

It's a vicious circle, in which overweight people are simply doomed. Only a few manage to save the effects of a strict diet. As researchers have proven that it is dependent on the ratio of the appetite hormones in our body. Spanish doctors have concluded that leptin and ghrelin are responsible for the yo-yo effect. Gaining weight, despite earlier significant weight loss is certain, if the proportion of those hormones is wrong.

Ana Crujeiras, who has carried out several studies on the treatment of obesity, has proven that people who had higher concentration of leptin than ghrelin before the diet, have less chance of success when it comes to weight reduction program. This hormonal relation is detrimental to the process of weight loss and in almost every case, leads to gaining weight. The weight is often even higher than before the diet.

Crujeiras’s team has proven that the control over appetite hormones would provide for an effective weight loss in the future. Hence, it is worth to check the level of hormones and determine your chances before deciding to go on a diet.