A diet rich in citrus fruits

Citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits – very often are not appreciated, or even underestimated. Meanwhile, eaten often, they have a beneficial influence on our health and figure.

Each diet should include vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the organism. A large dose of them can certainly be found in fruits. Slimming people often give them up because they contain sugar, and some of them have very high glycemic index. This means that in a short time after its consumption we are hungry again. Citrus fruits, however, do not own this characteristic and we can eat them as much as we want, regardless of even the most rigorous weight-loss therapy. Citrus fruits, in particular grapefruits, are recommended even for diabetics.

What is the power of citrus fruits?

First, they are not high in calories. Orange, big grapefruit or even four tangerines have only 100 kcal. These 100 calories at the same time meets all the daily requirement for vitamin C. Those are already two benefits. We might add that they quench thirst and cool the body – that’s why citrus fruits are a perfect snack for a hot, summer days.

Another advantage, especially for those who are on a diet, is that citrus fruits are high in fiber. What does it mean? Dietary fiber is responsible for "cleaning" the digestive tract – removes toxins from the body, improving and enhancing its metabolism. Thanks to fiber food is quickly digested, so the feeling of heaviness disappears.

It's not the end of beneficial properties. Citrus fruits have also detoxifying effects - therefore they protect against diseases such as kidney stones, heart disease and some cancers. Besides that they help in eradication of microorganisms and prevent from inflammation. Additionally, they lower the level of cholesterol.